【About Natural Killers】

リリースしたライブ会場限定販売の1st mini albumも好評につき3ヶ月でソールドアウト!
1st single『マタタビ!!』はタワーレコード難波店にてインディーズチャート1位を獲得し、手売り2000枚以上を完売!

A Japanese funk instrumental band from Osaka. 

The first single, Matatabi!!”, reached number one on the indies music chart at Tower Records Namba. The band also sold more than 2,000 CDs directly to its fans. 

The bands first overseas performance in Korea in 2015 ended in success. In 2016, it performed in a large music showcase festival, Zandari Festa 2016, in Korea along with various musicians from all over the world. 

The band has organized the single-band show named UNIGHT four times in Shinsaibashi since the start of 2017 at irregular intervals and completely sold out all the scheduled shows.  

The music unique to this band incorporates variety of music styles with funk, rock and jazz at its core. With outstanding technique and music sense as well as the exciting performance that makes the audience move, Natural Killers is surely expanding its presence and fan base not only in Kansai area but also in Japan and the rest of the world.